Environment & quality

In each location we have an environmental coordinator who, together with the regional environmental management team is responsible for ensuring compliance with established procedures.
Menigo's ambition is to be the best in the industry when it comes to environmental and quality aspects. We are establishing action plans and measures that are continuously monitored both regionally and centrally by the Executive Committee. We conduct regular internal audits with specially trained environmental and quality coordinators. 

Our stance on environmental issues comply with the law and are based on generally accepted knowledge about the environment and environmental problems, taken from the authorities, scientists, environmental groups, industry and our own environmental organization.

We use renewable electricity in most of our facilities. Through our investments we are supporting the environmentally friendly electricity production and reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases.

In our quality assurance we work according to the industry-specific quality system HACCP. In each region there is a quality manager whose job is to ensure that procedures for HACCP are in compliance and that we maintain the quality of goods and services that our customers expect. Quality Assurance Manager will propose action or suggest improvements. Each region has documented procedures that are followed up through regular self-auditing and internal audits of the management team.


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