Facts about Menigo

Menigo is a full service provider for those who work professionally in the culinary arts. We supply everything that makes your day easier. However, Menigo also specialises in fresh produce, giving you such things as crispy croissants, tenderised steak or freshly picked funnel chanterelles. With Menigo, you get both.


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Everything we do at Menigo is to serve those who work professionally with food in the best manner. Our goal is that you can get everything you need with one phone call, one single delivery and on one invoice.


Less time spent on administration and following-up, and more time to spend in the kitchen and with your guests.


How it all began

The foundation of what Menigo is today started when ICA acquired the family business Wickman in Malmö 1969. Over the years the company has grown through several acquisitions of local family businesses, each with its traditions and unique expertise. We are proud of our history and all the people who have shaped our culture.

Menigo & Sysco

Since the summer of 2016, Menigo is owned by Sysco, the world's leading food service provider. Menigo and Brakes Group make up the larger part of the European division of Sysco.


The Sysco affiliation makes it possible for Menigo to be a part of greater cooperations in purchasing, and to strike better deals with our suppliers as we are not only acting on the Swedish market, but also open the door to a larger market together with our sister companies. In Europe, there is also the purchasing cooperation Constellation already in place.


Menigo in figures

    • Number of employees: 900
    • Sales: 5 billion
    • Number of items: 31 000 articles of food, drinks, non-food and equipment
    • Number of customers: 15 000 in Sweden
    • We are represented at six locations;
      - Stockholm, Gothenburg, Karlstad, Malmo, Sundsvall and Gävle.
      - In all of our regional warehouses are fresh food halls which are complemented by a central warehouse in Strängnäs



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